Guard Your Business Against Cyber Crime with Our 11-Point IT Security Checkup

We review your IT infrastructure remotely and guide you in fixing vulnerabilities we discover. You get a list of action items you can follow immediately — with our help as you need it.

The 11-Point IT Security Checkup is $299, but FREE if you sign up for other TechGen services. (TechGen offers a full range of month-to-month IT support packages: no long-term contracts; no termination fees.)
The Checkup includes:

1. Firewall health review
2. User account review
3. Domain name system health check
4. Account security setting check
5. Two-factor authentication assessment
6. Legacy software review
7. Laptop encryption assessment
8. Backup health review
9. Computer security software strength overview
10. Security awareness training Information
11. Password policy review

Cyber-criminals have plenty of unprotected small businesses to feast on, so if your business has protections in place, chances are they’ll quickly move on. Let’s get started!

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