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Creating a Seamless Customer Experience

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), the nature of our business involves solving problems through asking questions and creating solutions. This means it’s important that we offer our existing clients a super-easy way to book an appointment with us. That’s why we use a free online scheduling tool called Calendly.

What is Calendly?

Calendly is an appointment scheduling app that individuals and organizations use to schedule meetings and appointments with their leads/clients. It eliminates back-and-forth emails, creating a more streamlined scheduling workflow and seamless customer experience.

It’s an automated solution, which means users can book an appointment by simply having access to your unique Calendly calendar. It can sync with and check availability across multiple calendars, such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and more. This helps avoid double-bookings or other scheduling conflicts.

Better yet, it’s free! The free version has all the basic features you’ll need to simplify appointment scheduling between you and your clients.

Key Benefits

Calendly offers a wide range of automation that enables users to make their tasks flawless. Here are some advantages:

Easy & Powerful Scheduling

Enabling users to schedule all types of meetings and events along with allocating their availability and blackout dates. It automatically notifies when the number of events exceeds the users’ availability within a day. 

Numerous Robust Integrations

Calendly can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of key platforms including MS Teams, Zoom, and much more. These integrated features help users be more productive and efficient.

Improves Communication

Between the service teams and clients, communication becomes easier, since it adjusts and notifies your times with your invitees’ respective time zones.

More Efficient Workflows

Calendly automates all the tasks ranging from booking and rescheduling appointments to sending reminder emails and thank you notes. It is the perfect tool for small to medium-sized teams that require a well-maintained flow of service calls.

Fewer Emails

This app significantly reduces the daily volume of messages you receive in your inbox. It simply allows your clients to check your availability online and eliminate the back-and-forth emails.

Calendly's Key Features:

Calendly’s combination of a simple user interface combined with robust integrations makes it a popular choice for any type of business that already has calendar and scheduling systems in place.

Calendar Integrations

Calendly is built to integrate with multiple calendars and scheduling systems like Outlook, Google, iCloud, Office 365 and others. It automatically checks the availability with other calendars to avoid double booking.

Website Embedding

Calendars can be embedded directly within a company’s website. This allows your clients or customers to facilitate quick and easy access to scheduling appointments. 

Customized Branding

Users can fully customize their booking page with their business logos and colors that are aligned with their brand identity.

Complete Data Privacy

Connect with confidence – Calendly’s centralized dashboard with SSO and SCIM provision helps users to utilize the calendar securely. RSA encryption and GDPR-compliant data transmission process protect all data transmitted through their servers.

Time Zone Detection

This feature eliminates the confusion between parties in different time zones. It automatically checks the availability of both the user and invitees’ time zone with advanced time zone detection. This helps to avoid any confusion when scheduling any type of calls or meetings.

Meeting Polls

Simply find the best time to meet — for everyone. This new feature lets your invitees vote on preferred times so you can easily accommodate personal preferences and time zones when scheduling with multiple people. Meeting Polls is available for free to anyone who is using Calendly!

The public beta of Polls includes:

Newest Available Feature: One-Off Meeting

One-off Meetings are a unique way to quickly set up and host a one-time meeting that may not fit within your regular event type structure. Using One-off Meetings, you can take advantage of settings such as location, time, and other event type details such as its hosts and much more. This tool is available for free to anyone who is using Calendly!

This type of meeting is perfect to use when you need to:

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