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Frequently Asked Questions:

Find answers to the questions we're asked the most about Managed IT Services and what's unique about our offering.

Our services are exclusively for small businesses that are looking for a partner that can provide ongoing support.

All of our managed services contracts are month to month.  We ask for a 30-day termination notice. Clients stay with us for years.

Typically a transition takes 30 days.  We handle all of the information gathering and coordination with your outgoing IT provider to ensure the transition is smooth.  You’ll be able to focus on your day to day tasks and wont have to worry about driving the transition.

We’ll always send the same 1-2 techs onsite to your office.  Your team will also become familiar with the dozen technicians who will support them remotely. No huge out-of-state helpdesk here.

Your assigned Account Manager will drive your long-term planning and strategy sessions and help you focus on the bigger picture.

We intentionally do not assign a “lead tech” – because we thoroughly document your environment during onboarding, and all team members are responsible for adding details on an ongoing basis.  Anyone you work with has access to all of our documentation, so you wont need to re-explain things.

We prioritize requests based on the type of impact to the user.  Here’s how we do it:

Critical – Users cannot perform any core job functions.  We assign a team member to work on these requests continually during normal business hours until resolution.

High – Performance is severely degraded.   We assign a team member with a 8 business hour resolution goal.

Moderate – Requests, moves/ads/changes, incidents where a work-around is possible.   We prioritize these requests first-in, first-out with a resolution goal of less than 5 business days.

Typically onsite appointments are same-day, or next-day.   Emergency onsite service is available 24×7.

We always have 2 technicians on-call for after-hours remote support who will respond in under 30 minutes. (24/7)

We’re ISO27001 certified.  That means we’re independently audited annually for the continual improvement of our information security practices.

Our agreements are month to month.  Clients aren’t locked in to multi-year contracts.   Our year over year retention is near 100%.  We have numerous clients who’ve been with us for more than 10 years, with many more longer than 5 years!

Our problem solving capacity.  We know your time is valuable.  Our team members work efficiently and collaboratively to solve problems with the right solution – not bandaids.

Many clients chose to send us an email, but we have other methods too!

  • – You can call us and our help you, or get you connected quickly to the right team member for specific requests.   (We don’t outsource our helpdesk – you’re talking to local Minnesotans)
  • – You can send us a text message
  • – We have a web-based portal where you can submit requests and view the status of open requests.

Nope.  Our core service delivery is provided by our full-time, W-2 employees.  We partner with other firms that provide specialized services such as low voltage wiring.

We meet with clients twice per year, or more if necessary.  At these Strategic Business Review meetings, we discuss your technology inventory, hardware/software lifecycle, and business goals.

On an ongoing basis we request service quality feedback through surveys.

We make hardware/software recommendations leveraging our 20+ years of experience in a wide range of industries.

Clients order equipment from us, or can make purchases on their own using their own vendor relationships.

We can configure and install equipment in-person, or pre-configure it and ship it anywhere in the country.  (Whether your order it from us, or buy it on your own)

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