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Customized IT Project Pricing

Project Examples – How We’re Improving IT

It costs less than you may think!

So how much should you pay for business class technology support?

You might want to consider: number of computers, number of employees, whether the business has servers, firewalls, routers and other devices on the network.

We have abandoned “cookie cutter” packages, due to each technology environment being unique. Our customized approach delivers IT support services that are tailored to our clients’ technology environment needs and objectives of their business.

Let’s look at a few examples of how we price it.


Server purchase and installation

Our client wanted to design a point to point network connection and file sharing capabilities between two buildings less than one mile apart. (The range will differ pending the number of walls a signal has to travel through, before reaching the router.)

1. IT Hardware & Software Needed to Implement the Project

  • » Dell PowerEdge T320 Server (The server quoted had additional features added by the manufacturer, so the price of the server will always differ, as it is based on what’s needed in its functionality.)
  • » Small Business Server Essentials 2012- Operating System for the server.
  • » Two units of Ubiquiti Nanobridge M5-25 Outdoor MIMO 5GHz Wireless Bridge 25dBi –Special antennas that enable a point-to-point wireless connectivity between the buildings.
  • » NetGear 8-port Gigabit Smart Switch
  • » For the listed equipment and software, the total will come to about $4500.

2. Installation, Set up, Configuration & Server Migration

Completing this project requires about 10-14 hours for server migration, plus point-to-point Wireless Configuration requiring about 4 hours. Our hourly rate is $120/hour, so the labor fee for installation, setup and configuration will be in range of $1600-$2200 depending on the current technology environment of the business/organization.


Hosted mailbox service and setup

Setting up a hosted mailbox service and migrating mailboxes is one of the most frequent requests from our business clients. For many businesses, this cloud based service eliminates the need for a server purchase, and results in significant savings.

There are several hosted mailbox services in the IT service industry. In this example, Office 365 Hosted Exchange service will be used. It is the frequently selected service for hosted mailboxes due to its competitive pricing and the level of support.

Microsoft charges a $4/month fee per mailbox. So if your business has 10 employees and they each have an email address, it will be considered that 10 mailboxes are needed to be purchased. Totaling a subscription based service of $40/month.

So how much would it cost to set up 10 hosted mailboxes & transfer data to 10 new mailboxes?

Normally, there is a set fee for data transfers and mailbox configurations. The average cost for hosted mailbox configuration is between $500-$700.

3 copy

The cost of managed/proactive technology support will vary based on the business technology environment, the number of employees/users, and the level of support required to maintain an uninterrupted work environment for a business or organization.

We customize each StressFree IT™ solution for our clients based on their current needs and objectives. In this instance, our client had 10 employees and 1 server. For the level of support the business IT environment required, the following services needed to be subscribed to: Cloud Services Management, Data Security Solution, Network Device Management, 24/7 Network & Server Monitoring Only, Unlimited Remote/Help-Desk Support, Backup Management & Monitoring, Anti-Spam & Antivirus Management, Technology Vendor Coordination and Mobile Device Management. [For more information detailing each service, please visit our Solutions page.

The typical monthly price for this mix of services will be in range of $600-$900 a month.

Let’s Talk. No Sales Pitch

Our clients are not tied in by term-contracts – all of our services are Month to Month! Our IT solutions are the most flexible and customizable among all our competitors.

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