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Managed Cybersecurity

Don't be the next company to fall victim to a data breach. Protect your business with our responsive Managed Cybersecurity solutions.

As Your Reliable Cybersecurity Partner, You'll Get:

Effective Cybersecurity Tools

We provide ongoing information security awareness training and tools to keep your users secure such as password managers, single-sign-on, and multi-factor authentication.

Next-Level IT Support

Our IT experts help you navigate the complicated and ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity by tracking contractual obligations and insurance requirements.

Streamlined Security Plan

We provide a comprehensive, yet pragmatic approach to cybersecurity. You get the right practices and systems for your organization's risk profile.

Reduced Business Risks

To reduce customer risk, we help maintain and manage IT compliance programs, such as HIPAA and SOC 2 to help you stay compliant without breaking the bank.

Managed Cybersecurity for an Evolving Landscape

TechGen’s Managed Cybersecurity provides a comprehensive security solution that is not only pragmatic and easy to understand but addresses today’s most demanding business challenges. We look after all your security needs from prevention to response – our ultimate goal is to protect your data and build resilience using proactive measures.

Our comprehensive Managed Cybersecurity solutions offer:

Our proactive alert-based monitoring of your servers, workstations and network infrastructure identifies trends and address issues immediately as they arise day or night. 

With the sophistication of attacks against businesses increasing every day, we understand that your enterprise needs protection more than ever. That’s why our next generation, enterprise-grade tools are not only effective at neutralizing threats but also provide peace-of-mind for you and everyone in your organization under any circumstance.

We offer a suite of products designed to catch potential intrusions before they grow into major issues.

Our Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution allows us to provide an exceptional level protection against cyber threats, while also saving time on tedious tasks like data mining or incident response planning.

The best way to protect your company against cyber threats is with an MDR solution. This will provide 24×7 monitoring for networks, endpoints and cloud environments so you can detect any changes in them before they become major problems or leaks that could damage business operations altogether.

With the rise in online criminal activity, it is important for organizations to take precautions. We offer comprehensive user cybersecurity awareness training with phishing simulations so you can protect your employees from becoming victims.

With managed endpoint encryption, your business data is protected in the event of a stolen or lost device. The solution uses centrally-managed encryption to securely store all workstation (PC & Mac) encryption keys.

Using industry leading tools to monitor and secure your mobile devices – Our MDM solution ensures your team always has a strong security posture.

Vulnerability scanning is an important step in the process of securing your network. We utilize best-in class tools and processes to scan for vulnerabilities, ensuring that you are protected against today’s latest threats.

The best way to protect your business is with conditional access control. Our team can help you determine which verified users are trustworthy and can access applications or services – Keeping your company’s valuable information safe from prying eyes.

We know that your business is vulnerable to data loss. That’s why implement an industry-leading suite of solutions for on-site or cloud based storage environments – all designed with you in mind.

Our experts help you prepare for audits and attestation processes including SOC 2, HIPAA and ISO 27001.

We can provide you with a comprehensive security assessment, pinpointing every vulnerability in your organization. This in-depth review will identify areas of weakness and help close those gaps so you’re fully protected against cyber threats.

We ensure your business is fully operational no matter what Mother Nature throws at it! We help you manage your current platform or craft a policy to protect against data loss and downtime. If something does go wrong, we have procedures that ensure rapid restoration of service so your business continues running smoothly.

Getting Started With Our Managed Cybersecurity Solution

We help small to mid-sized businesses get protected and stay secure with next-generation technology!

1. Introductory Call

2. Face-to-Face Meeting

3. Assessment

4. Plan Together & Implement


What Our Clients Have to Say:

Our proactive approach to all our managed cybersecurity solutions is why 95% of our customers stay with us, year after year!


Protect Your Business and Stay Secure. TechGens' Got You Covered!

TechGen’s managed cybersecurity service will provide you with the assistance needed to achieve compliance and reduce risk. Our solutions are aligned with current industry best practices, common framework for compliance standards as well as modern business practice so we can help your company stay ahead of any potential threats or vulnerabilities.

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