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Press Release: TechGen Alexa App Released

Press Release: TechGen Alexa App Released

May 1, 2018,
Minneapolis, MN

We are excited to announce the release of an Official TechGen Amazon Alexa skill.

This application will allow our customers to open a support request with a voice command through any Amazon Echo device or through the Alexa mobile app. Alexa is a virtual assistant program developed by Amazon, designed to help with hands-free interaction. We are now utilizing this technology to provide clients with more options for getting technology help.

Installation is as simple as saying the phrase “Alexa, Enable TechGen” into the Alexa app, and then authenticating the account. Our app even supports personal email addresses and Amazon accounts if you alert us you plan to use them ahead of time. After that, anyone can simply say “Alexa, Open TechGen” to start a speech-to-text email that will be sent directly to our support staff. For example, someone could say “Our copier is not working” and that message will be emailed to a support technician who can begin working to fix the issue. In order to best protect client privacy, this skill does not send actual recordings.

TechGen’s founder Reid Johnston was quoted saying “Voice search and interactions are becoming so popular, I’m excited we’re able to offer this to our clients!”

More information about the skill can be found here: http://i.techgen.com/alexaskill

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