Phishing is Top Cyber Threat to Small Companies

Phishing Remains Top Cyber Threat to Small Companies — and It’s Getting Sneakier

Before COVID-19 was even designated a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), criminals launched phishing campaigns to steal money and sensitive information by imitating WHO emails. Like a virus, this crime adapts quickly. And small companies are a favorite target. Read more

Solving typical tech issues of working from home

Technology Gripes From a New At-Home Workforce (and How to Fix ‘Em)

If you’ve kept your business running with employees working from home, you’re probably through the equipment setup frenzy. And now you’ve hit the working-out-the-bugs phase. This post features tech-related FAQs we’ve been answering for clients (and friends…and relatives…). Read more

Mobile device management tools can protect small companies from cybercrime

Avoid the Cybercrime That Hits 28% of SMBs With These Mobile Device Management Tools

It’s amazing what small companies can accomplish today using mobile devices. But the more we connect to our business IT networks via smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the more cybercriminals will target us. Protect your firm with a mobile device management program. Read more

The coronavirus may not affect your business directly, but it’s a good idea to make it easy and safe for employees to work remotely.

3 IT Tips for Preparing Your Employees to Work Remotely During Coronavirus Spread

In response to the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, we’ve been answering some clients’ IT questions related to working remotely. I’ll cover some basics about safely working remotely, which could be a crucial capability during this pandemic — and for unforeseen situations to come. Read more

What are Managed IT Services?

11 Most Important Managed IT Services for Small Companies

“Managed IT services” can be an excellent solution for small companies that don’t have in-house IT expertise. But the term is vague, and IT vendors use it in different ways. In this post, I’ll explain the basic types of managed IT services that are most important for SMBs. Read more

5 Steps to Stronger Cybersecurity Training

5 Steps to Stronger Cybersecurity Training (Advisor Perspectives Guest Article)

Read my new guest article on the Advisor Perspectives website for wealth management professionals: “Five Steps to Stronger Cybersecurity.” It focuses on why cybersecurity training for your company’s employees is your best protection against cyber thieves. Read more

What is a Managed IT services Provider?

What is a Managed IT Services Provider (and How to Choose the Right One)

If you’ve been researching how to outsource your small company’s IT, you’ve probably seen the term “managed services provider.” What does that mean, and is that model a good fit for your SMB? Answering that question correctly can help your business run better and grow faster. Read more

Dark Web monitoring for business

Is Dark Web Monitoring for Your Business Really Needed?

The information a hacker needs to access your company’s IT network — including your financial accounts and/or those of your customers — could very likely be for sale on the Dark Web right now. Here’s how to find out whether that’s happening, and what you should do about it. Read more

Free cybersecurity guide for financial SMBs

Free Guide to Navigating Cybersecurity Compliance for Financial SMBs

If your SMB must comply with cybersecurity regulations, you’re probably in a tough situation: You can’t afford in-house IT staff, but you REALLY can’t afford fines for non-compliance — or worse — costly cyber attacks. I’ve recently created three resources for firms facing this dilemma: Read more

DMARC is an important email security tool

The Basic Email Security Tool Most SMBs Should Use — But Don’t

One basic email security fix is an effective weapon against phishing attacks on your SMB. It also protects your company’s brand and reputation by stopping scammers from imitating (or “spoofing”) your company’s email addresses to launch phishing attacks or spam campaigns. Read more