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IT Security

Password best practices for employee educations

12 Password Best Practices

12 Password Best Practices With the business world heavily reliant on digitalization in this day and age, the use of technology in your organization is unavoidable....

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LastPass Password Management Tool

How to Use LastPass Password Manager

How to Use LastPass Password Manager Every organization should use a secure password management tool like LastPass, 1Password or Roboform to help store sensitive information. Using a...

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Phishing Scams are Top Cyber Threat to Small Companies

3 Common Phishing Scams that Target SMBs

3 Common Phishing Scams that Target SMBs

Before COVID-19 was even designated a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), criminals launched phishing campaigns to steal money and sensitive information by imitating WHO emails. Like a virus, this crime adapts quickly. And small companies are a favorite target.

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